It all started a few years ago. My friends and I were looking for some Pro 2nd Amendment T-shirts to help fight the gun bans here in California. We searched, we looked but could not find what we were looking for. So we decided to make a few shirts for ourselves. We started wearing them to support the 2nd Amendment.

One night we all met up for dinner at a restaurant and started talking about the shirts. Turns out that everyone of us were getting compliments from random people, they all asked where they could get one. We told them that they were custom shirts that we made because we could not find what we wanted anywhere. 

That's when one of my friends at the dinner table said "we all support the 2nd Amendment and grew up with parents in homes that support the 2nd Amendment." Then jokingly said "why don't we start our own T-shirt business?" We all looked at each other and smiled! We started talking about a name for the business and that's when Muzzle RooR was born. The RooR of the Muzzle of a gun when it is fired. We used the spelling RooR because it looks like a double barrel shotgun. We then made it our mission to offer quality clothing, with awesome designs at a affordable prices!

All designs are one of a kind and all designed by us here at Muzzle RooR. We wanted to bring something to the Pro 2nd Amendment supporters and public that was unique and at the same time tells a story and supports the 2nd Amendment! We worked long hard hours coming up with all the designs that were just what we wanted in a Pro 2nd Amendment clothing company. 

We wanted clothing that tells a story, supports the 2nd Amendment and gives the customer a quality product, that they can't find anywhere else! We all built this business while working minimum wage jobs. All designs are made in the U.S.A. by us. All products are printed here in the U.S.A. also. Made by hard working Americans for hard working Americans that want to support the 2nd Amendment and all the freedoms it ensures we retain!

We are all proud of the business that we have worked so hard to build with opposition from many and help from few. We are also proud to be American and proud to be able to support the 2nd Amendment at a time when the country needs it the most since it's founding!

 We look forward to providing the American people and Pro 2nd Amendment supporters with quality 2nd Amendment clothing for years to come!

Thank you from all of us here at Muzzle RooR!